Keep Orange County Beautiful hopes that in recent weeks everyone has been able to turn to our natural world for a bit of calm and comfort.

In challenging times like this, nature’s gifts can feel even more precious.

During quarantine, the City of Orange abided by the CDC guidelines for parks by closing playgrounds and bathrooms.

Northway Park’s nature trail however remained open.

We are grateful to the City of Orange especially the city’s parks department employees who care for this jewel in the middle of our city. 

Spending time outdoors has a replenishing effect on emotions, memory, and well being by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Staying close to greeneries such as parks and nature trails improves mental health and physical fitness.

All of us can find inspiration in nature’s resilience.

Northway Park’s 18 plus acres of canopy trees are a beneficial and vital resource. An acre of trees can absorb 6 tons of carbon dioxide and produce 4 tons of life-giving oxygen.

It is a generous and noble act to protect, preserve, propagate, and grow big trees.

KEEP ORANGE COUNTY BEAUTIFUL ‘s ongoing mission of “More Trees, Less Trash” is proud to recognize the City of Orange’s Parks Department for their conservation and beautification efforts in our community.

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