Orange, Texas  – When a community’s economy is healthy and business sites are developed – Trees often are removed to make way for slabs of concrete.  Our local ‘Taco Bell” however is one business that saved and incorporated their large canopy trees and added more ornamental trees as part of their beautification landscape.   It’s a generous and noble act to Protect, Preserve, Propagate & Plant BIG TREES

In addition to their corporate philosophy of “Cleanliness, Friendliness, and Hospitality;” Taco Bell’s management believes that Environmental Conservation and Economic Development go hand in hand.  The fifteen-year-old business maintains a clean, well-manicured property on 16th Street.

 Keep Orange County Beautiful, the local non-profit affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful is proud to recognize Taco Bell for the conservation and beautification efforts of their business and our community.  Presenting the award to General Manager Michelle Geral is newly elected KOCB chair, Deborah Bednar, 

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